Leaf & Debris Clean Up

Residental & Commercial

Autumn brings the most frequent loss of leaves from trees, but it is not the only time. Many plants and trees lose their leaves and needles year-round. Berries and flowers also drop throughout spring, summer and winter, piling up on front walks, driveways, decks and porches. Keeping up with falling debris from trees and shrubbery in the yard can be an endless chore.

Pine Straw

Falling needles from pine trees accumulate anywhere and everywhere year round, especially when it is dry. The needles soon turn from green to brown and become straw. When needles are loose by themselves, they tend to blow around and accumulate on driveways and against fence lines and shrubbery.


When left on the grass for more than a few weeks, leaves will turn it yellow as they begin to decompose. When the fallen leaves have dried out slightly, we use a leaf blower to move them off the beds and into a pile for collection.


Shrubs with berries are very attractive when the berries are on the bushes. Once they have fallen, they can create a mess. Use leaf blowers to remove them from walkways and driveways before they cause problems. Soft, round berries cause staining when stepped on. They also create a slippery surface.

Diamond Lawns has specific techniques that we use to clean any of these materials and know how to effectivly clear your yard from these materials to leave it looking like new.

Save valuable time and protect your back with our leaf removal services. Beginning in October, our team will clean yard debris:


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